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Improve the visualization of brand, brand blockbuster, website design and set up, social network marketing service, product sample planning design, product packaging design, and Creative design for brand image poster


As the UGG, this Australian native quality wool boots received a big warm welcome in China; Australia’s local brands’ competition on the market is increasingly turned white-hot. By using the brand-new promotion method, new brands’ join and catch up from behind, race to control considerable market shares.


As a classic brand for more than ten years, how to make OZLANA UGG out of old brand impression, breaking through from product brands to fashion brands, so as to gain a foothold in the UGG category?


How to endow a new life to an old brand?

The brand image promotion — Redesign brand products, with strong pure brand image, enhance brand value added and ensure a strong brand image in the category market.

The core brand image reconstruction— Handed down from generation to generation of fashion as the core concept, emphasize history and inherit, with the prestigious fashion brand image, taking a brand blockbuster, and marketed. Implement new brand impression to the ground, gorgeous turn-back from the product to the brand.

Social media— Integrated into the Internet social networking platform thinking, straining the interest interaction with the core client base. From an unknown brand to topic maker, improve social networks’ content attraction degree and exposure, and occupy the mind of target consumption group.

Channel innovation— Through the traditional Australian specialty store retail channels, expand to own a large warehouse stores; and then make strategic cooperation with the Australian famous Light luxury brand retail stores. Through channels of innovation, to provide consumers a new shopping experience, and enhance the brand value.

Brand Blockbuster

Closely around the core concepts: “handed down from generation to generation’s workmanship, the fashion of the most inheritance”, Mywish brand team built a full set of fashion blockbuster. Dark tone, with a deep love knot of craftsmen, slightly humanities’ flavor, is the best interpretation of fashion.


Marketing strategy for social media

By sponsoring star concert, create valuable news events, through wechat, weibo and facebook to attract attention, forming the viral marketing content of the brand. By the user is circulated, expand the brand influence. At the same time, in depth analysis of fashion trends, presuppose consumer usage scenarios, product knowledge in operation and maintenance etc., launch a large number of high-quality content in social media, increase awareness and deepen memory, improve the loyalty.

Brand products and product design

White character on black background, it is simple and pure, eternal classic and timeless fashion. The brand products would use simple ways to generate a strong brand impression. And ingenious application in the material and structure will have a strong response in the market. (Photo: packaging box, business cards, UGG egg souvenir, mouse pad, notebook, etc.)

Website design