What is the most popular trend of the branding strategy for the restaurant and catering industry in the Internet generation? How to increase the individual price for the cuisines as well as the table-turnover rate? How to gain the loyalty of young generation? How to increase the interaction between the restaurant and their customers?

With all those enquires, approximately 30 guests from the restaurant and catering industry in Sydney came to the meeting room in Mywish Brand on 19th January, 2016 and joined the “Seminar for Sharing the Successful Experience of Branding Strategy”. Those guests were from different categories of the food industry including traditional Chinese food companies, new chain catering brand, café owners and renowned traditional Chinese restaurants. Representatives from the media have joined the seminar as well.


The seminar started with a relax atmosphere. Firstly, Harry, the Creative Director from Mywish Brand Sydney Office has introduced the cases they have done for the restaurant and catering companies with the specific strategies that they have provided for the client to improve their branding image and provide them with a series of branding strategy. Subsequently, Snow—the Strategic Director from the Chinese office presented the popular branding strategy and the current development trend of the restaurant and catering industry in China. More specifically, she also pointed several successful case study did by Mywish Brand in China especially two famous light-luxury brands which is quite valuable and worthy considering. Mrs. Snow summarized two key words—‘tasty’ and ‘diligent’ as the prerequisite for a successful restaurant business.

Following the brief introduction, there was also a Q&A session. The guests have pointed numbers of practical and inspirational questions that correspondingly to their own experience. The seminar has been quite successful with plenty of interactive conversation and activities between the sponsors and the guests.

According to the feedback from the seminar, it could be found out that the fellows in restaurant and catering industry has recognized the status quo of Chinese restaurant in Australia market is quite different from the situation back in China such as the trading-mode and the branding strategies. Though, there are plenty of valuable experiences could be applied adaptively.

Based on the seminar and previous experience, Mywish believes the Chinese restaurant in Australia should be more confident, courageous and creative in terms of the combination of the oriental and western characteristics as well as the dynamic integration of the branding strategy and marking strategy. To improve the brand image of the Chinese restaurant in Australia, it is better to incorporate the effort of the companies themselves and the innovated branding services provided by the brand design enterprises.

Summarized from the years of experience with the clients including both self-owned restaurant and the chain catering enterprises, Mywish have established a “one-stop service” for the restaurant enterprises. The “one-stop service” aims to create a unique brand image for the clients. It starts from very initial stages such as naming, Logo and menu design, interior design, website design, recommend reliable builders and professional photographing for the cuisines. More advanced services such as event planning for opening ceremonies and establishing cohesive marketing program to satisfy every possible need from the new business. As an integrated scheme, “one- stop service” could minimize the time consuming on unnecessary communication, help the client focus more on their product and operation and maximize the potentiality and possibility to success.

As the leading company of brand design for restaurant and catering industry, Mywish will continue their passion in branding and marketing profession, keep the close corporation with the food enterprises to carry forward the Chinese food and culture and make it flourished.