Branding Strategy for Far East Tiles


Far East Tiles Pty Ltd



Branding Strategy, Product Catalogue Editing and Design


With the Sydney property market booming since 2013, there has been huge demand for emerging building materials. Far East Tiles, as a strong China-based tiles manufacturer, is renowned for its extremely thin tiles. It plans to enter the Aussie market with a brand new localised image.


What opportunities and prospects exist for ‘Far East’, as a High Tech tiles company, to differentiate itself from other sellers in the saturated market.


Through extensive research, Mywish Brand has determined that most corporate branding in the building materials industry is either unrecognised or outdated. Mostly corporates focus only on selling strategies rather than inbound marketing techniques to attract business. With years of experience cooperating with property developers, we believe the market needs more high-end products and also more creative branding effort.

The Mywish Brand team identify Edginess, light weight and modern design as the key values of Far East Tiles. Meanwhile, the concept of its Logo is inspired from different shapes and layout of tiles. We applied a bold red colour and the company’s name abbreviation, F.E., as Far East Tiles final Logo design.



Product Catalogue Editing and Design As a part of localisation strategy, Mywish re-classify Far East Tiles’ product line using visual communication to attract local interest. Differing from traditional product-focussed logic, we classify products by their colour tones and textures into 11 unique collections. Each collection’s title takes inspiration from a natural element such as wind, lighting, rocks, etc. A well-structured outline, specific corporate font and neutral colour tones all delivered a clear, strong and remarkable product catalogue to Far East’s client.