Mywish Brand


Mywish Brand has been Invited to Design the Promoted Products for “I am a Singer” with the Theme of Chinese New Year

February 15, 2016

Mywish Brand’s team in China has been invited to graphically design a series of products with the theme of Lunar New Year’s Day such as posters and “red packet” for the famous TV Show—I am a Singer. The design is quite creative and interesting and now could be found through I am a singer’s official Weibo, WeChat pages as well as the singers’ personal Weibo pages.

The moment for us to establish the cooperation with I am a Singer was the publishment of the product named “Hold Box”, which was designed and produced by our branches in China. Hold Box was launched in January 2015 and has became really popular and appealing through internet. Its aesthetic value has also been recognized by the professionals and published on the famous portals in China’s design professions: “” and “zcool”. The gratifying success on internet was also enabled the further collaboration between us and Hunan Satellite TV (HNTV), such an influential TV station in China. From the Preliminary Eve of the Chinese New Year to the Lunar New Year’s Day, our fellows have tried their best for this project-our Chinese team has spent seven days with the team from I am a singer.

Our graphic design executive officer from the Shenyang along with the program’s director Mr. Hong even worked together during the New Year’s Eve to make the last improvement for the design. The team from the program has been really kind to our colleague but very strict to the project. They hope we could understand them for keep making improvements of the graphic design only because they aimed for excellence, which is also their leading spirit for the program. Actually, we quite respect their attitude for work, which might also be the prerequisite makes them so successful as one of the Ace programme for HNTV.

The internet generation provides us plenty of opportunities and development potentials, we should try our best in design-it is not only our profession, but also what we are passionate for. Hereby, we would like to send our appreciation to HNTV as well as the programme, I am a Singer. This cooperation has strengthen our confident in graphic designing and creation, we are on the way! Lastly, we wish you all a happy new year!