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MYWISH helps you stand out in fierce competition in real estate industry

March 7, 2016

Real estate is the most prosperous industry in Australia. Many players are joining a chaotic battle for their share, but nobody knows who will survive and stand out. Mywish Branding is a professional team with leading branding and designing capability. Our target customers range from real estate developers, wealthy and powerful, to agency platforms, flexible and aggressive. Our services can be great driving factors in forging a comprehensive branding and promoting plans. We strive to build a brand image and value just for you in the shortest period.

Why Us

1.We listen to our clients’ thoughts and needs, help them build their own brand images and strive for their satisfaction.

2. We have a perfect design team and more than ten years of domestic and foreign brand promotion design service rich experience, the pursuit of "creative spirit" creative feelings, meticulously complete each design details, the perfect display of the core value of the enterprise

3.Branding service is more than providing designs for the enterprises. We know the market, have good brains and hope to be strategic cooperative partners with you. We offer comprehensive services, including brand design, integration, planning, market promotion, to help the enterprises establish reliable brand images.

Professional image building for a new real estate platform


Upgrade brand images for mature realtors

Now, realtors cannot count on fighting alone like an unprofessional in the old days. Professional realtors need a public image that speaks both professionalism and authority. VI integrates the market, philosophy, and culture of the businesses. As businesses grow, we customize business proposal that’s strong and to the target, to help them build professional brands and images.

As realtor companies develop, at certain stages, the positioning for the company and products need to adapt. When the existing visual images couldn’t serve the company in its strategy, new positioning and visual image need to be forged. We can help you improve the visual image based on the original image, rejuvenating the old brand. This will consolidate the customer loyalty to the brand and raise the reputation.

1、VI image design for enterprises

Branding services for properties

The real estate market in Australia is steady at the moment, thus real estate development is more than building and selling properties. A successful property should has its own positioning, culture and style. What we are looking for is elegant, simple as well as vivid image design. Based on our clients’ philosophies and brand strategies, we create precise business images for properties, and in the meantime, we offer comprehensive promotion services.

1、Name of the property, design of logo, positioning and identity of the brand

2、Design, making and printing of sales brochures

3、Making of CGI rendering

4、Aerial view of properties and pictures of the surroundings

5、Design of property sales showrooms

6、Design of show rooms and interior decoration

7、Design and maintainance of sales website, media advertisement, WeChat Accounts