Let mediocrity fade away, and enrich lives with creativity.

Mywish Brand is a professional design team that focusing on providing innovative and integrated branding services, helping customers from their branding strategy, brand design to brand management.

The Services that Mywish Design provides includes: Branding strategy, Brand Identity System design, website design and buildup, commercial inner environment design,  packaging design, commercial photography, internet content marketing, Media campaign agent.

Mywish Design has more  than  a decade of experience in Hospitality, Real Estate,  Fashion and Fast Moving Consumer Goods industries. We have Branches in both China and Australia.

Mywish Design creates alive brand experience by sticking to unique creativity and fresh design. This makes a brand able to infect people like virus, go directly deep into the heart of the customers.

Mywish Design team follows the spirit of craftsman, we believe the only things we will be proud of are what we constantly spend time, effort and our heart on.

Join us! If you do not want to do brainless work and keep modifying design drafts, and do not want to be silent, designing things that you do not even like yourself, come to Mywish brand. let’s do some real design. In here, you have the right to list your name at each of your masterpieces, stay low and stay proud.

Please send your CV to [email protected] We have been looking for you for so long.

Vacancies available:

Interior Designer Internship (Part-time)

You must have experience of:

Sketch up


Max and other modelling softwares
experience of Vary

Please send you CV to [email protected]

Full time Mid-level/Senior Graphic Designer (Full-time)

If you are:

-Mid-level or Senior Graphic Designer with at least 4-5 year of experience in the industry.
-eye-opened, design by following the concept and creativity.
-expert in graphic modelling tools, able to transfer the concept into real work.
-a good team player.
-responsible, do not fear to confront the problems and difficulties.
-able to work with multi-projects, and manage your time and resource wisely.

Also, if you are good at,

-Brand Identity System Design
-Website Design (UX,UI design)
-packaging and printing material design
-branding advertisement design

More Importantly, if you are

-expert in Adobe Indesign, photoshop, Illustrator and other designing tools
-are able to use Fireworks, Dreamweaver or other webpage design tools.
-have knowledge of wordpress, Joomla and other major CMS and able to do some content editing work.

Please Send your CV to [email protected] We are looking forward to every single application.

Australian Citizenship, PR or Proof that you are able to work in Australia in the long term is required.

Office Clerk / Account Clerk (Full-time)

You must be good at:

-Team work

-Organise your work and plan beforehand

-self-motivated and have a positive attitude

You need to know how to work with:





Your Responsibility:

-Taking care of company’s administrative affairs

-Regular account management and book-keeping

-Office supplies purchasing