Mywish Design is a Sydney based group of designers within the comprehensive field of branding, interior design, graphic design, website and packaging design. The office is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout the world and service in estate, fashion, retail, residential and additional scopes.

Mywish design group emerges “artisan spirit” as core vitality and constantly release passion into each individual project by creating energetic working environment.We believe that branding is the primary unit of design, apply multi-cultural and multi-element design as branding concept to establish an integral system is the essence of design. The holistic approach of us is to deliver innovative sensory experience to clients by not only sophisticated form but delicate works.

Mywish Design endeavors to frame and explore new design field and we consistently account that branding influence and design integrity are the main content of each project. We strive for maintaining the nature and humanity of design.